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Cardy made the unexpected announcement in a tweet on Thursday morning, saying he plans to stay on as Progressive Conservative MLA for Fredericton West-Hanwell.
“At some point, working style and values have to matter,” Cardy said in the tweet.
Bill Hogan was named the new minister of education and early childhood development during a cabinet shuffle hours later.
In his resignation letter — which you can see in full here — Cardy blasted the premier for his leadership style.
He said the premier’s efforts to abolish French immersion by next September “would place huge stress on the education system” and damage the education of anglophone students.
Cardy said serious changes are needed to the province’s French second-language education system are needed, but that they cannot be rushed.
“Change requires care, not a wrecking ball,” Cardy wrote. “You cannot change deadlines on large systems based on your emotional state, without undermining the quality of the work, or the morale of your team.”
The former minister said he has worked tirelessly to prepare the education system for changes, but that “some will stall because of your micromanagement.”
Cardy also referred to the premier’s behaviour at a recent meeting, where he allegedly yelled “data my ass” to a senior civil servant because he did not like what the data showed.
“That was the end of your political project in my eyes: If you reject evidence because you dislike it then you don’t believe in evidence,” he wrote.
Referring to the premier’s decision to abolish the regional health authorities, Cardy said it represented a “steady consolidation of power in your own hands that has accelerated over the last 14 months.”
“The difference between our parliamentary democracy and an executive presidency or dictatorship is that New Brunswickers should expect that major decisions will at least be discussed with a group of elected people, representing the public,” wrote Cardy.
“You personally appoint your cabinet and can fire them at any time. Consulting a group like that before abolishing an elected branch of government is not a high bar to meet.
Cardy also accused the premier of trying to delay or undermine work related to reconciliation between linguistic and cultural communities.
“Among others the endless excuses over replying to the report of an Official Languages Act are embarrassing for a government elected on promises of action and unity,” he wrote.
In a scrum with reporters late Thursday afternoon, Premier Blaine Higgs said he wanted better outcomes for students and Cardy was not achieving the desired results, especially surrounding French immersion after four years as minister.
Higgs said he told Cardy on Thursday morning he was removing him from cabinet, which is when Cardy handed him a resignation letter.
“I’m disappointed in many of the comments because, you know, they’re hurtful and it’s not helpful. I’m not afraid to make decisions if we have issues and we need to address it,” said Higgs.
Higgs confirms he did yell at a civil servant and said “data my ass” because he did not like the data being presented about education.
He intends to kick Cardy out of the Progressive Conservative caucus as soon as possible and says it will happen at the next caucus meeting.
“This isn’t the first resignation for Mr. Cardy. It’s been four or five to this point that he’s threatened to resign. But being taken out of cabinet was the issue that he prepared for,” said Higgs.
The premier did not confirm or deny he is a micromanager as Cardy had noted. But Higgs adds he spends enough time to get close enough to what’s happening to make the necessary decisions to ensure it happens.
With files from Brad Pery, Allan Dearing, and Tara Clow

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