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Union Home and Cooperatives Minister Amit Shah has said that with the development and use of own language, India will go a long way in the field of research in the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks in Hindi on global forums.
In the education policy, priority is being given to Hindi and other Indian languages in primary, technical and medical education. Home Minister Shah said that today in Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has fulfilled this resolve of Prime Minister Modi by starting medical studies in Hindi. The entire team including Chief Minister Chouhan, Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang and the people of the state deserve congratulations for this work.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday launched MBBS first year books in Hindi language and a new project of establishment of Hindi by pressing the remote button at Lal Parade Ground. He released Hindi books on Medical Biochemistry, Medical Physiology and Anatomy.
He lit the lamp and garlanded the pictures of Lord Dhanvantari and Maa Saraswati.  Chouhan welcomed the Union Home Minister Shah by offering him Anga Vastra and presented him the statue of Maa Saraswati as a memento.
Shah said that this day will be written in golden letters in the history of education. The launch of medical education in Hindi language is a day of reconstruction in the field of education. For this, Prime Minister and Chief Minister deserve congratulations. Engineering and polytechnic education will also be started in Hindi after 6 months in Madhya Pradesh. In addition, arrangement for research in Hindi language will also be made.
Shah said that the thinking process of the child takes place in his mother tongue. Whatever is said in mother tongue goes to the heart whereas what is said in the other language goes to the mind. Along with thinking, the process of revision, research, reasoning, analysis and arriving at a decision takes place in the mother tongue. Due to the education of children and research in the mother tongue, the students of India will bring laurels in the whole world.
The Union Home Minister said that the British did ‘wealth drain’ in the 19th century, in the 21st century they brought the’ brain drain’ theory. The Prime Minister is now converting this theory into the theory of ‘brain gain’. Studying in the mother tongue will enhance the thinking, reasoning and research abilities of the students. Students will be able to do true service to the country only if they study in their own language.
Shah said that today arrangements have been made to conduct JEE, AEET, UGC examinations in 12 languages in India. Work has been started for conducting CUET exam in 13 languages and engineering exam in Indian languages in 10 states. Sign-language is being standardized.
Studying in Hindi will boost the intellectual capacity of the students and free them from linguistic inferiority complex. He said that language and intellectual ability are not related. Language is a means of expression. Education in mother tongue enhances intellectual ability.
Shah said that in the year 2013-14, the number of medical colleges in India was 387, which has increased to 596 today. The number of medical seats has increased from 51,000 to 89,000. ITI seats have increased from 16 thousand to 23,000, IIM from 13,000 to 20,000, triple IIT seats have increased from 9,000 to 25,000 and total universities have increased from 723 to 1043.
Shah said that Prime Minister has done a great job by taking a pledge to provide technical and medical education to the country in the mother tongue.


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