Young Adults Want to Participate in Change in Prince Township! –

Today Mayoral Candidate for Prince Township, Enzo Palumbo, announced that if elected, he will immediately create a new Advisory Committee to Mayor and Council made up solely of young adults in the community.
The specific focus of this new formal Advisory Committee will be to come to Council, with not only recommendations but the development of a road map on accomplishing specific tasks related to the future development of the community.
“There is no question in my mind that young people in this community want to actively get involved in the future of Prince Township through solid change in leadership and I am hearing that message over and over during my campaign” stated Enzo Palumbo. “The demographics of this community have really surprised me during my door-to-door conversations. These young people not only want significant change in this community but they are demanding to be involved in that change at the Council table, and that is why today I am announcing, that if I am elected, that in the first 60 days of my term, I will propose to Council the creation of a new Advisory Committee made up of solely young adults who will come to Council with both recommendations and a critical path to get there”.
The demographics of Prince Township have changed over the course of the last 10 years with the average age in residents dropping from 55 years old to 45 years old, which is translating into younger adults and younger families moving to the community. These include young people with university degrees, young and newly married couples, young trades people and folks who are now considering working from home with new business opportunities. As a result, Mayoral candidate Enzo Palumbo is launching this new proposed Advisory Committee in Prince Township to specifically address opportunities such as:
1. Internet services and fiber optics that provide the ability to have in place, solid technology infrastructure that allows new “at home” or “physical” businesses to locate in Prince. This is by far one of the most important  initiatives being brought forward by young people who depend on high-speed internet to fuel their business opportunities.
2. The development of new “ECO Tourism” opportunities in Prince Township that advocate for increased visitation including but not limited to, all season hiking trails, mountain biking trails, kayaking and small watercraft services, cross country ski trail development, walking and pet trails and other opportunities that advance overall tourism.
3. Development of professional training and mentoring programs for young people who want to get involved in the future development of this community because they want to become future Councillors. We heard loud and clear that young people want to get involved in this community’s affairs and would like to participate in strategic planning and consultation
of new ideas. Council must invest in the future of Prince Township, and this is a method of cultivating that engagement in young adults.
4. Other projects as they arise that assist with the economic, tourism and social development of this community in a way that requires the participation of young adults.
Today’s announcement does not exclude the existing demographics and roots of Prince Township. Enzo Palumbo recognizes that the involvement in a new strategic plan for this community requires the ultimate engagement of “experienced” individuals and those original homesteaders that have cultivated the on-going progressive advancement of this municipality. “It is only when we all work together over generations of experience, including the participation and voice of our new young adults, that we collectively become successful”, stated Enzo.
As stated in an earlier announcement, Mr. Palumbo is campaigning to serve the people of Prince Township in a collective fashion and today’s announcement solidifies what he is hearing from his constituents. Enzo noted that there are already over 38 young people who have approached and agreed to be engaged in this new initiative.


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